Sunday, July 12, 2015

BMT or Big Mail Transfer


Sending and receipt of Very Big sized mail attachments and related matters

Communication drives business historically, currently and in the future. Communication can be verbal, written or digital. As it becomes more expansive — and indispensable — every day, you need a solution to answer current and future challenges. Currently email communication has become a norm having replaced letters by post and courier. Email are normally quite secure and reliable in most cases. It is convenient fast and easily used to convey either short messages, small files as attachments and so forth. At times one needs to send big files as attachments in one of many formats. This is where the limitations of email communication comes into play. The attachments are limited in most dedicated email services unless one uses the publicly available emails. Here security is a big issue nay security is the issue.

Big Mail Transfer (BMT) is a powerful standalone email facility designed to tackle the issues of acceptable risk issues, size of transmission and management of email communication. It obviates the physical risk by placing the appliance in the data center of the client close to the email server itself. The emails are encrypted with two factor authentication with the link and password randomly generated for each sending of email.  

Founded on Emgraft’s groundbreaking Real-Time communication format, BFT provides a proactive way to send big sized email attachments without relying on public emails. It supports and facilitates the sending of huge emails without resorting to breaking up the mail in to small bits and parts, waiting for it to load up while your email is frozen, not knowing whether it has been sent and generally consuming you precious time. Whether we're protecting you from denial of receipt, or simply wasted resources, BMT from Emgraft Systems makes your life easier.

Combined with our reporting suite, real-time activity monitoring, acknowledgement receipt, time and place of download are criteria for a complete management report details. You can view and control the sending of huge emails. 

For huge emails to be sent to groups only one set of attachments will need  to be uploaded to the server and sent to the whole group. This conserves space in the server, and relieve sender from the tedious job of uploading for each recipient. A download receipt will be issued once the recipient downloads the attachment. Any non download will automatically be deleted after a chosen period of time (as set by the administration). Automation minimises manual intervention for sending each of large email attachments. Reports are generated after specific period as set by the management.

The functioning process of sending, receipt, and acknowledgement is also displayed through the dashboard that forms part of the system. Decision can get a quick turnaround on any issues that crop up as shown on the dashboard. If required more data can be assessed and acquired for more detailed analysis.