Monday, August 11, 2008

Development of Telecentres in Malaysia

There are numerous telecentres, totaling more than 1500 telecentres throughout Malaysia, some being developed by the government, others by NGOs and private ventures. The Federal and some State Governments have and will continue spending big sums of money in setting up community telecentres, some costing up to more than RM300,000.00 each. These monies are well spent if the telecentres are being optimally utilised by the people and bring in development for members and the communities at large.

Unfortunately, independent studies and even cursory evaluation when one visits some of the telecentres show that many such centres are not properly or optimally being used by the communities they are supposed to cater for. There are solutions to this issue, but it needs concerted effort and serious commitment from the powers that be.

The above chart illustrates what can be achieved by proper planning and action on telecentre development. 
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