Monday, August 11, 2008

ICT Applications: Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Many organisations, in both government/public sector and commerce/private sectors are not aware or do not understand that there are many simpler solutions to some of their more complex problems in their day-to-day business processes with the use of ICTs. Thus, large sums of monies are spent on underutilised hardwares and softwares, resulting in inefficiencies and waste of resources.

Reference to the Malaysian experience, often there are mismatch between users and technology solution providers. Some leaders and personnel of organisations are unaware of local expertise in the country that can provide relatively inexpensive solutions; and on the other hand many technology solution providers lack the particular knowledge or experience to fully understand specific needs and requirements of organisations. Much needs to be done by all relevant parties to address this.

Malaysian Government and business corporations need to have more faith and provide opportunities and support to Malaysian ICT SMEs. There will be a win-all situation, and this will be in line with the Government's efforts for home grown ICT SMEs to expand locally and globaly.

Some experience and research done pertaining to this issue by this writer may be shared with interested parties.